Dreaming is believing (with INLU)


Lisbon, May 1, 2018

Dreaming is believing (with INLU)

What are dream shoes to you? INLU’s first campaign revolves around the concept,
shoeaholics from all over the world

The dream shoes concept is a major characteristic of INLU’s genetic code. From the very first sketches to product development, the creative team proposes to present shoes that answer users’ concerns. To understand these requirements, the brand gathers precious information inquires given by hundreds of people weekly, including tourists walking on the streets of Lisbon, surveys and a form on the website. After analysing the answers, these seem to be the ingredients of a dream shoe: comfort is the most important shoe feature, closely followed by style and elegance.

Besides inflaming INLU’s team, this exploration shows that the topic also has a special place in people’s hearts. As a way to extend these conversations, #DreamShoes is now the brand’s first digital campaign motto.

Mauricio (Mexico), Emma (UK), Paolo (Italy) and Núria (Portugal) go down memory lane to tell their singular, honest story about their favourite pair of shoes, showing what does the expression dream shoes mean to each one of them. The four videos will be revealed simultaneously via the brand’s social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). This is the first stage of the #DreamShoes campaign.

You can check all #DreamShoes' videos at our YouTube channel.

About INLU

Created in 2017, presented in 2018, soon coveted by shoeaholics that go for stylish and comfortable shoes with an edge, INLU is a Lisbon-based brand with a very straightforward approach on shoes: function and aesthetics must have equal importance in the creation of an accessory that is supportive and simultaneously an accurate personal statement of style.

INLU gathered the most experienced Portuguese craftsmen, the best raw materials (such as cork and leather), and a hint of modern design and creativity to the equation. This is the formula that will make of you an INLUver.

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