Inês Lebre, CEO extraordinaire, and Ana Fatia, innovative Art Director, are the power duo behind INLU.

Inês Lebre, CEO

Inês Lebre has a strong background in Entrepreneurship, first studying International Business Administration at the Lisbon School of Business and then at the University of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

By the age of 30, Inês created an e-commerce platform that brought the best Portuguese luxury products to Angola, where she lived at the time. Two years later in 2017 she was ready for her next entrepreneurial venture. The concept of INLU came from a deep desire to create a brand based around offbeat designs using unique materials, and crafted in her home country. Inês is committed to launch INLU to a worldwide audience and to also bring awareness of the Portuguese culture of quality craftsmanship.

Ana Fatia, Art Director

The creative balance to this duo is Ana Fatia, educated as an industrial designer; she thrives on the art of transforming raw materials. Constantly researching and experimenting, she challenges the industry by creating out of the box products.

Ana was recognized as a young talent in 2012 when her furniture collection was presented at the Salone Satellite during Milano Design Week and at "Now! Le off!," the Cité de la Mode et du Design on Paris Design Week. During the first 3 minutes of auction she sold all pieces of the collection titled the “Mine & All of Us”, furniture inspired by the human anatomy. A year later Ana was invited by DuPont to lead a workshop on materials at the Innovation Center of Europe, in Geneva. Most recently she went back to Design Shanghai in 2018 to present a new limited edition piece.

A keen business sense, innovation, and a twist of creative genius are the elements at play behind the all women team Inês and Ana.

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Photograph by Mariana Silva

Photograph by Mariana Silva