When Portuguese Entrepreneur Inês Lebre, met Art Director Ana Fatia at an event in 2017, the seed was planted to develop a brand together with a unique approach.

Both were attracted to the concept of transforming new materials into contemporary footwear designs, which also aligned with the emerging sustainable 'Fashion Revolution' movement.

With Portugal’s specialized knowledge and expertise in the footwear industry, it was clear that INLU’s shoes would be completely handcrafted in the country. After tireless exploration, the two women team forged solid partnerships with local factories that openly embraced their commitment to creating something different in the industry. Thus, a contemporary brand of footwear steeped in traditional handcraft techniques made from cork materials was born.

INLU officially launched in spring 2018 with its debut collection featuring hints of cork, which is a dynamic raw material with a distinctive personality and strong connection to Portuguese culture.

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