Where does the name INLU come from?

INLU is the fusing of two words, the first two letters meaning “pure” or “holy”, derived from the founder’s first name. The last two letters come from Lusitania, representing everything that is profoundly Portuguese.

Why shoes?

In 2017 Inês embraced her entrepreneurial call and founded INLU, a playful, contemporary brand that embodies the Portuguese tradition of craftsmanship. She was longing to merge the Portuguese heritage in the footwear industry with a strong creative component for a long time.

Where are your shoes made?

All of our shoes are manufactured in small batches in the Oporto region, in the north of Portugal. The artisans that craft INLU have over 100 years of combined experience.

They implement their expertise, manufacturing know-how and talent to carefully construct each pair of shoes. All our manufacturers apply fair labor and healthy work conditions to ensure that all INLU shoes are ethically made.

In association with the #FashionRevolution movement, we from time to time share images of the production process, showcasing the talented individuals that work behind the scenes.

Where does INLU source materials from?

We take time and analyze thoroughly to pick the best materials. For the cork tissue, we went to Portuguese Granorte, a specialized firm that has been transforming this material for decades. For leather and suede, we went to Italian suppliers that select the best pieces from top tanneries.

Why did you choose cork?

Cork fabric is made from the cork oak tree which can be found in significant quantities here in Portugal, making it a traditional material. We incorporated cork into our first collection because we feel it’s impossible to imitate what nature takes years to prepare so perfectly. It’s comfortable, light as air, versatile, sustainable, water-resistant, among others. We've developed new and exclusive vibrating colors.

Are your shoes comfortable?

All shoe styles (men and women) have been highly tested for comfortability and fitting. It is important to us that our shoes are not only stylish and well made, but also comfortable!

Our women's & men's styles use leather soles with cushioned insoles; with the men's soles using EVA and rubber, for guaranteeing extra comfort. All our shoes are lined with soft leather making the touch and feel very soft.

We wear INLU shoes so we know that they are comfortable to walk in and for everyday wear so we can confidently assure you they are comfortable. Check our clients reviews on Facebook.

How do I know my size?

Our shoes are true to size. When choosing your size, use our shoe size chart and check the equivalent number. If you take a half-size, please go up to the nearest whole size for the most comfortable fit.

How does shipping works?

Shipping within Europe is free. For all other regions, we charge a flat rate of 20EUR.

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