Crowdfunding 101


Ladies and gentlemen, get your INLUs now – here’s how!

What is crowdfunding? Why is INLU launching this type of campaign? How does it work? Which color of INLU’s men derby shoes/women’s mules do you prefer? We bet you might have one or all the questions above. INLU is here to help you through the process and help paint the streets with color.

Crowdfunding 101

First of all: the one thing all crowdfunding platforms have in common is that they allow companies to finance a project with the help of a community that believes and wants to support a brand achieving a certain goal (these derive from brand to brand). For that goal to be overcome there are several special-priced products to be bought – these prices are called early birds because the sooner you grab them, the better price you get. If you invest in a product/brand you become a backer – we chose Kickstarter as a platform for its active and supporting international backers.

And so what are INLU’s goals, you might ask? We have several. This is the first time we are showing our launch collection to the world and will now learn the impact of our last year’s hard work, dedication and dreams. But don’t go all mushy on us, now! Another of our goals is to start selling worldwide, spreading INLU as a made in Portugal, handmade brand, with a fun use of color and a certain uniqueness that makes an impression. These are our main ambitions summed up.


How simple is it?

Are you new to Kickstarter? Let us give you a hand:

  1. Click on the campaign’s link:

  2. Get to know INLU’s stylish shoes for men and women and choose from mules or boots for women and from derbies for men;

  3. Choose your pledge on the right side of the page;

  4. Login to Kickstarter or continue as guest;

  5. If you continue as guest, you’ll be prompted to add your personal information;

  6. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and only be charged when (and only if) the project is funded. That’s about it!


Better than being an INLUver – be a backer

Keep in mind that not all support is about money. Introduce INLU’s campaign to your stylish friends. Follow our social networks and tell us what you think. That’s excellent too! By doing that we make sure INLU gets to all the right audience: urban, outgoing and detail-loving people who dare to impress with a splash of color. The streets won’t ever be the same again :-)