#Fashion Revolution


Start asking sharp questions

Already heard about #FashionRevolution? The global movement, created by UK’s Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro, is not a fad. By now, 93 countries have embraced it, cherishing craftsmanship and know-how, understanding that stimulating the economic activity and respecting the production timings is mandatory. It claims to be the world’s largest fashion activism movement.

Anonymity is not an option anymore. Fairness, safety and transparency are vital keywords. But in a world where “secrecy is the soul of the business” (a Portuguese saying), how is the world adapting to this tell-all attitude? It surely depends on the consumer’s accuracy on asking sharp questions. Asking who makes the clothes and shoes you wear everyday will make big and small brands accountable for all the involved in the value chain of fashion production.

At INLU, we’ve adopted these ideals long before having the first shoes on our hands. And, as a brand, we feel that we also have a role to play, inviting and inspiring other brands to come aboard this movement. It’s free to join, so if you’re now questioning about who made your mules, T-shirt, trousers, we’re already in it together. Ask the brands directly and tag the question with #whomademyclothes, #whomademyshoes and #fashionrevolution. Let’s do this together!