INLU starts #DreamShoes movement


Paolo, Emma, Mauricio and Núria were part of our first videos for the #DreamShoes' movement. When asked about their #DreamShoes the answers always end in the same point: dream shoes are the ones who make us feel special everytime we use them, that appeal to our senses and feelings. And even after we stop using them, we do not separate from them by the affective bond, by revisiting our past. Check our INLU Youtube to see more.

But then... Then we want them at our feet. We want them to be confused with skin, a new perfect layer, ergonomic, and light, oh so light, that melts with each of our steps. We live for that palpitation you only feel in sublime moments. And we want to feel that kind of freedom again, the plenitude, all day long – from the moment we step out, to the second we return.

Hence, INLU is the keyword that incites to this movement. This is our manifesto and our goal, our “enough!” that will be spread around the world. We want INLU shoes to be part of your dream shoes.