Have a (good) business idea?


Defining a good idea is hard – and Inês Lebre (INLU´s CEO) knows that by experience. To understand which ideas deserve to see the light of day we need consideration, work and an XL dose of good luck. If there was a magic formula that we could use to understand if a product or service will succeed we wouldn’t have all the pearls someone gathered at the Museum of Failure, coming from well-known brands. In a way, they’re comforting examples. ;)

So, on what methods can we rely to validate the quality of an idea? On Inês' research she found an answer: there’s no secret recipe. Nevertheless, she leaves you some of the ways she has been putting to the test and that have helped her at this stage. Read them all at LinkedIn Pulse.

Business Insider also gives us some hints on How to find a business idea – and figure out if it's any good.