Balancing work with family


This is just the beggining of a very personal article written by INLU's CEO, Inês Lebre, about how it feels to be a woman, a mum and a business woman. Do you relate to that?

"It's 6:30 AM and I enjoy the first few minutes of the day. That indescribable silence. And here we go: warming the water, preparing the milk, feeding my son, changing his diapers, taking off pajamas, putting on clothes and entertaining him with a book while you try to do it, put on some make-up, get in the car, leave him at kindergarten (although I realize I forgot his uniform), drive to the office, rush work, rush lunch, rush work again, pick him up, preparing dinner (thought about it previously while I drove here and there), and taking a quick shower, playing with him (alas, he destroys the router for the second time so there is no TV), go to bed exhausted and having insomnia again…

I miss those days when Gustavo used to be so tiny and quiet. He would cuddle in my chest and stay in the warmth, so peacefully. Those days seem distant, as I plan escaping to attend the Sunday morning yoga class that I use as an excuse to sneak in the Jacuzzi for a few minutes and perhaps make my own manicure in the gym bathroom. Judgment isn’t something that bothers me anymore – your judgment can meet in the same place where my calm days have gone."

You can read the full story at our CEO's LinkedIn Pulse.