Portugal does it better


As you already know, INLU shoes are made in Portugal. You might also know that other brands (even luxury ones) are also crafted in the country, making us believe that the “Made in Portugal” tag is promptly becoming a statement by its own. But do you know what to expect when you come by a product that was handcrafted in Europe’s most western country? These five points will get to the bottom of it in a flash.

1. Ancient expertise

The Portuguese shoe industry might be one of the most worldwide known areas, even called the sexiest industry in Europe, all due to the expert workers that are still interested in the crafts firstly embraced by their ancestors. Alpim XXI is an almost 40 year-old factory that has partnered with INLU and is now handcrafting our women’s models. It was created by Rita’s father (she’s the current CEO). Armando Silva is another factory that has joined INLU to craft all the masculine shoe models – it’s a 72 year-old factory created by the Mr. Armando-‘s homonym grandfather. What an honor!

2. Innovation

There are always two ways of getting things done: one of them is taking the easy road, that will lead us to places we already know; the other way is making things spicier and interesting through an innovative take. Guess what’s our favourite route? A great example in the footwear industry is the Portuguese Technological Centre of Footwear (Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal), at São João da Madeira, up north, where new technologies, innovative products and all the advances related to footwear become a possibility. 

3. Creativity

The best chef in the world this year is Portuguese José Avillez; gifted Cristiano Ronaldo is another made in Portugal football star that needs no introduction; you might also know prolific José Saramago, the 1998’s Nobel Prize in Literature or even singer-songwriter Salvador Sobral, last year’s Eurovision winner. All of these talented people are very creative in their line of work. This creativeness is encoded in the DNA and can be a synonym for portugueseness. We like to say that Portuguese do it better.

4. Location

With the Discoveries, more than five hundred years ago, we can say that the Portuguese learned to be curious and audacious. The country’s entrepreneurs have a 360 degrees vision of the world, without fearing borders. Searching for innovative materials, technologies or other progresses in order to help an idea become a reality is not a challenge but part of the job. Also a location plus, Portugal is located in an excellent plate to distribute products to Europe, USA, and Asian markets – all we could ever want besides the sun and beautiful weather, right?

5. Love

More than just the know-how, the Portuguese respect for the crafts and materials makes those loving hands handle with special care the products that are placed on their care. All the luxury brands that have already trusted these same hands can’t be wrong – INLU already knows they aren’t. But let’s keep it a well hidden secret, shall we? ;-)

The truth is that the Portuguese are not afraid to look abroad and find new opportunities to learn, develop, improve and amaze. Look for INLU in the list of brands that do just that. Soon, very soon.