What should you wear to work


The first rule is: don’t let anyone tell you what you should wear to work. Neither to work nor to any moment of your life – leading a meeting, going on a date or making your sluggish dog go for walksies with you. You’re an adult!

That being said, you should for sure adapt to your environment including adapting your daily routines. You have a challenging job where you have to be at your best, 110% ready for the unexpected. Like you suddenly have a meeting with a big client and you have to cross the city in your electric skateboard; or in the end of the day you get a special invite for drinks after work and dance the night out.

In a special moment of dual screening, you can be sitting down watching The Good Place on Netflix and finding, say, a new Portuguese shoe brand creating snazzy footwear on the other side of the world… INLU’s team knows quite a lot about how to look at your best while doing all the chores on the list. That’s why the words quirky, comfortable and elegant were always on the top of our minds while designing the first Fall/Winter ’18 collection.

There are plenty of possibilities to choose from: mules, low heel or high heel boots, 14 pairs of walking heaven, some screaming fashion addiction (just look at those red boots, come on!), others defending a less flashy take (like the mules with the sandy cork, lovely). It’s time for you to be putting on what your feet truly desire.